Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Paul and the False Prophets

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to read this blog and helping me as one of my commenter's stated: "start this blog out with a bang!" Right now I only have time to update it once a week but if demand goes up, the comments keep coming and I get more readers I might make the time to update it more often.

I'd like to expand on a comment I received from a reader because it really struck a chord with me. She stated:

"You know, I'm in the middle of a Bible study in my women's class by Kaye Arthur, called "Lord, Give Me a Heart for You". It's a study of 2 Corinthians, and therefore of Paul and his dealings with a wishy washy group of people who tended to listen to false prophets and go whichever way the wind blew. And those false prophets just trashed Paul.. he wasn't a good speaker, didn't "look" like an apostle, etc. And as I read parts of the study and delved into the Scripture, I began to see a direct correlation between 2 Corinthians and 2000-2008.. the media vs. George W. Bush. I get really, really hot under the collar at the power held by the media and the entertainment industry (Alex Baldwin and Susan Sarandon and, of course, Oprah.. as political gurus... WHAT are we thinking???). Cascia, you have the heart of Paul; you simply call it as you see it, and if it isn't popular, then TOO bad. Love it, girlfriend... but buckle your seat belt and prepare for a rocky road! You'll get a lot of hits, but you probably WON'T be well-liked. Make sure you don your thick skin, and you'll be OK! With prayers and praise for your boldness..."

Thank you so much, Pam. I agree with you completely. And yes, I am not going to give up. I don't care how many people hate me for creating this blog. I believe that our voices need to be heard. Especially during the next four years.

I am a Christian, Catholic in fact. And despite what most people think about Catholics I do read the bible. After reading her comment I got my bible out and looked over Paul's second letter to the Corinthians. I couldn't find the exact passage that Pam was referring to so I assume she meant the whole letter. If I understand her correctly the wishy washy people (Corinthians in Paul's time) are the Americans that are listening to the liberal media and believing every word that they say. The symbol I have for them on this blog is the lady turning into a donkey. The liberal media, therefore is the false prophets. You hit it right on the nail, Pam. Thank you for comparing me to Paul. I am humbled.

During Bush's presidency liberal reporters like Katie Couric never had anything good to say about him. Bush is a good man. Rush Limbaugh said in an interview with Shawn Hannity that Bush stuck to his guns and did what he believed was right putting partisan politics aside when he made decisions. He took the office of the presidency very seriously. Bush didn't base his decisions on public opinion like other former presidents did (Bill Clinton was known to watch the polls very closely).

Another thing that I admire about George W. Bush is that he is a very spiritual man. He has a close relationship with our Lord and always took his faith to heart when making decisions.

The liberal media always knew how to make him look stupid. But he took all the criticisms with grace and humility.

I was embarrassed when I heard how the crowd reacted at the inauguration last week when President Bush was introduced. If you didn't hear or see it thousands of people, grown adults mind you, decided to chant the old song, "Na, na, na, na,...hey, hey, hey...goodbye," to the outgoing president. This was extremely disrespectful and I don't understand why grown adults would stoop that low. Four years ago some of these same people could have voted for the man that they were then booing. I just don't get it. Bush must be a very strong man to be able to put up with that. And did you notice that the liberal media did not say a word about this incidence? Maybe they put the crowd up to it.

We can not change the mentality of Americans but we can influence and educate. That is the whole point behind Take Two. So if you think you are being influenced by the liberal media here is my advice.

Take two and call me in the Morning.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Why I Will Not be Watching the Presidential Inauguration

All the hype about the inauguration is making me sick. It is all over the blogosphere, the radio, and television. Even Disney is getting into the action with a concert tonight. On the radio this morning I heard that schools in the Sacramento area are making the children watch the ceremonies on television. Thank goodness my daughter is attending a Catholic school. I don't think they will be watching the ceremonies. If they are you bet I will be talking to the principal.

No, I am not a sore loser. I have very good reasons to protest this inauguration. The government is spending more than $170 million dollars on this inauguration. That is over 125 million more than what President Bush's inauguration cost back in 2005. Most of this money is coming from the taxpayers. I guess the government does not care about the current recession and the billions of dollars that has already been spent to bail out the banks and financial industry.

The media's argument is this: He is the first African American president. This is a historic event. My reply; big fricken' deal! No I am not racist. I never have and never will be. If Obama was a Republican they would not be making this into as big of a deal, trust me.

The majority of the media are liberals and they will do anything to brain wash the citizens into believing their far out left ideas. This includes putting Obama on a pedestal making him look like the savior of the world and capitalizing on his presidency. Have you seen all the Obama merchandise and crap out there? You can get Obama mugs, t-shirts, and don't forget to get your Obama commemorative plate. All this hype is a bunch of crap if you ask me. I don't remember ever seeing a Bush commemorative plate, do you?

But just wait, after all the hoopla, crowds, balls and concerts all the hype will die down. The American people will soon learn more about who they really elected as President. His socialist, big government, tax and spend views will soon take effect and he won't be the savior that everyone once thought.

If you are falling for all this media hype, here is my advice...Take Two and Call Me In the Morning.


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